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Reviewstream Has Increased Rates!

Just to let everyone know, Reviewstream has increased their article payment up to $2.50 per review. That’s a 25% increase!

So many people have been asking how to get paid the full rate on Reviewstream. Well, there’s no specific formula that I know of, however from experience I can tell you some things.

  1. State your personal feelings. For example, say “I felt uncomfortable in the theater seats” instead of “the seats in the theater were old.”
  2. Spend less time describing what the item/place/service is about. For example, don’t spend two paragraphs writing about the features of a cell phone. Just say what you thought about the features.
  3. Try to sneak the name of the item/place/service into the review a few times. This helps it show up in search engine results, making it worth more to Reviewstream.
  4. Check your grammar and spelling!
  5. Make sure the review is at least around 300-400 words. I don’t know the exact number, but sometimes your review will be rejected. Just write a little more and it will be accepted.

Sometimes you can write 600 words and still not get the full rate. Remember, it’s quality, not quantity! Don’t panic if you get a page saying “your review is not valuable.” It just means it wasn’t long enough. Go back and write a little bit more and throw in the name of the item/place/service once more.

If you haven’t already, you should click here to start writing reviews with Reviewstream.

The Inside Scoop on ReviewStream

Last week I emailed the administration staff over at and asked for some inside information that I figured you might want to know. For those of you who are not familiar with the site, ReviewStream is a place where anyone can write a review about absolutely anything and get paid for it. It’s one of the only places on the web that pays consistently for user formed reviews.

I emailed the staff and here are some of the responses that I got;

Me: What country is ReviewStream based in?

ReviewStream: It’s owned by the group of private investors and is operated by the international team, located in US and EU. It was bought not far ago from the New Zealand company

Me: Do you have any future plans for expanding?

ReviewStream: Not a lot. We will be number 3 … Right after the Google and Wikipedia.

Me: What do you look for in a review?

ReviewStream: The main idea is to provide the consumer with the helpful information. Not the product or service description, but the information based on the personal experience. The criterias are individual in every case and depend on the item by itself, it’s location, current market conditions, etc.

Me: What determines whether a review receives the bulk rate or the full rate?

ReviewStream: Some items like recipes, movies, books, games, food, etc. we will not buy at a regular rate in most cases. Why ? Just imagine how many reviews were written about the Harry Poter movies for example.

How many reviews can be found about the businesses near your location? I doubt a lot of them.
Review these businesses, mentioning exact addresses, and we will be more than happy to buy these reviews at a regular rate.

For example we’re receiving a very opinioniated review of the Olive Garden restaurant. It’s well written and very helpful, but we can’t buy it at a regular rate because the location mentioned is something like : Chicago, IL.
But there are several Olive Garden restaurants in Chicago, IL. How the reader will determine what Olive Garden restaurant was reviewed ?
The exact location for the restaurants, hotels, local businesses, etc. will increase the review valuableness.

Another example: A perfect review about the kitchen appliance will not be valuable if this appliance was bought 10 years ago. But if you’re reviewing an appliance bought two months ago, it can be very helpful for others and sure we’re ready to buy such review at a regular rate.

It seems as though ReviewStream is looking for very specific reviews with as many details as possible. The staff was very friendly when I emailed them and asked them these questions. The folks over at ReviewStream are doing a great job with their website. Their reviews show up constantly on google search results and they pay their writers fairly well. Where else can you get $2.00 for writing something that takes only a few minutes?

If you’d like to give ReviewStream a try you can sign up here. It’s a great place to earn money online. I’ve been writing reviews for them since few months ago. I write about one per day and so far I have gotten about 10 $2.00 offers and a handful of bulk rate offers. I’ve had absolutely no problem with the site whatsoever and anytime I email the staff with a question I get a response within a day or so. I would highly recommend this site; it’s way better than earning money with paid to click sites, paid offer sites, etc.