It seems like one of the hottest new “get rich quick” schemes is rebate processing. I’ve seen ads claiming that you can make an average of $1,000 per week! Now that sounds good… a little too good. Unfortunately, as the story goes, if somethings sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is certainly the case with online rebate processing.

What these websites don’t tend to tell you upfront is that you will be processing rebates from items that you yourself sell. For instance, the website will give you an item to promote; say it’s a $10 book on making money online. What you will do is promote it as a book worth $10, but if they buy it from you they will get a $5 rebate. That $5 rebate comes out of your pocket at first; but if they’re offering you $15 per rebate, then you still make $10. Of course, you will get this $10 later on.

So, let’s say you end up selling 10 of these $10 books. That’s $50 in rebate money that you had to send out. But the website promised you $15 per rebate processed, so you earn: (10 x $15) – $50(the amount in rebates you paid out yourself) = $100! That’s pretty good! But wait… too good to be true.

The website may state that advertising costs were $49 plus it cost them $29 to ship all the books, not to mention the $8 processing fee. Your $100 now turns into $14. Unfortunately the websites requires a minimum of $100 to cash out. Better luck next time.

Legitimate rebate processing jobs are very hard to come by online. If you do ever find one, expect to be making about $0.10 to $0.15 per rebate processed. Most of the programs you find online simply tell you how you can make money with such websites and give you a few links. These programs cost almost $50, sometimes more. Don’t ever pay for one of these programs!

Real rebate processing jobs are out there, and there is no special training needed. Usually a company offering rebates will hire someone to come into their office and pick up a stack of rebates. Then the person would go home and process them, earning about $0.15 per rebate. These people average about $500 to $1,000 per month, if even that much.

Be wary of those online programs that promise you will earn $1,000 per week. Just think, “if they promise you can make $1,000 per week, then why does everyone I know have a 9-5 job?” Be careful and good luck!