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Promiseprofits is no longer cool.

All right, I’m not gunna lie; I bought traffic from a guy who said he would get 500,000 quality visitors to my site for 20 bucks.  Sounded like an amazing deal.  Come to find out he also had a paid to click site called Promiseprofits.  What more could I ask for?

Since Flurbl is just starting off I can use all the advertising and visitors I can get.  So I asked the guy if he’d like to trade links and banners if I write a short article about his site.  He said sure.  I wrote the article, posted it, and then let him know.

He sounded genuinely pleased and told me the Flurbl ad would be up in no time.  Three days later it was still not up.  Even better was that the “high quality” traffic I was promised was coming from low quality auto surf and paid to click sites.  But wait… it gets better.  I went to visit today and it’s gone.  All the people that clicked their hearts out just lost all their money while the guy made off with ad money that he owed people. UPDATE: Apparently everyone was paid back! Right out of the guy’s pocket too! (We need more webmasters like that, and as for the previous owner, I sincerely apologize for assuming that no one was paid back) As for the website now, it is under new management and you can get a glimpse of the new owner, he left a comment below!

I would like to apologize to all my readers who read my blog and review of and then signed up with with the site.  To be blunt, I feel like an idiot.  I promise that from now on I’ll watch out for these things and look over things better before they’re published on Flurbl.


I came across a new site today called PromiseProfits. It’s a PTC website that also pays you to refer friends and play games.

Unlike most paid to click websites, PromiseProfits actually pays. They have a low pay-out threshold of $10.00 and offer their pay-outs through PayPal.

I’m currently a member and I was quite surprised to find that there are a good number of websites to surf, and most of them pay $0.01 for a 30 second view. Most PTC websites only have one or two ads running with an incentive of 1/4 of a cent. PromiseProfits is certanily one of the best PTC websites that I have come across so far.

Don’t take my word for it! Try it out yourself. You can either try their demo account on their website;, or register for a free account by clicking the image below.