It’s one of the fastest growing “get paid to” schemes out there. Getting paid to surf is a waste of time, energy, and money, not to mention it puts your computer at risk for viruses, spyware, and other malware.

There are some sites out there that will pay you to download a web bar, usually for Internet Explorer, and they will pay you based on either:

  1. The number of web pages you surf
  2. OR

  3. The amount of time you spend on the internet

The average payout is extremely low. For instance; a manual surfing program, which may not require you to download a surf bar, may pay you $0.30 per 1000 page views with a 20 second timer for each page… That’s 30 cents for 20,000 seconds, or 5.55 hours, of manual surfing. That’s about a nickel an hour. Definitely not worth it!

The automatic surfing programs aren’t much better. They usually, however not 100% of the time, require you to download a surf bar which tracks your internet usage and provides the surf function that you get paid for. The average pay out for such programs is $2.00 per month, with the requirement that you have your computer on automatic surf for about 20 hours per day. The electricity it requires to keep your computer running for 20 hours per day costs more than $2.00 per month. The average computer uses 65-250 watts, but for our example let’s consider you’re using a common computer like a Dell Dimension E510 which uses about 106 Watts. In the U.S. the average cost of electricity is 10.64 cents ($0.1064) per kilowatt-hour. Warning!… Here comes the math…

  1. 106 Watts/Hour x 20 Hours= 2,120 Watts per Day (of surfing)
  2. 2,120 Watts/1000= 2.12 kilowatt-hours
  3. 2.12 kilowatt-hours x 30 days (1 month)= 63.6 kilowatt-hours per month
  4. 63.6 kilowatt-hours x $0.1064= $6.77 per month!

It would cost you about $6.77 per month to keep your computer running so you can surf the web to make about $2.00 per month! You’d actually be losing about $4.77 per month!

The idea of paid to surf is attractive; you basically do nothing and you make a little money on autopilot. Unfortunately the money you make isn’t enough to cover your costs. Of course you could always sign up with many paid to surf companies and surf with all of them at the same time, but that would make your computer that many times more likely to get viruses and malware. My advice would be to stay away form these programs altogether unless you find one that pays a tremendous amount of money and you have virus software that can truly protect your computer.

As always, good luck with your online money making endeavors!