When you look through our paid survey database you will find that there are hundreds of companies to sign up with. Which ones do you sign up with and how? There are so many questions you might have if you’re just starting out. This article will show you the basics on how to sign up with these companies, how many to sign up with, and how to get surveys sent to you.

First, you should make a new email address that you will use just for paid surveys. You can use free email services like Hotmail, GMail, or Yahoo! Mail. Another thing that would help you is to download an automated form filler like roboform . You will have to fill out tons of the same information over and over and anything that eases the process will be a big help.

After you have a dedicated email address, head over to the paid survey database and sign up with a company. When you register with one of these companies you will be asked to fill in a lot of personal information. It’s important that you are comfortable to give this information, so it’s usually a good idea to read each company’s privacy policy.

Once you fill out your personal information they may continue to ask you a few questions such as your race, sex, whether you smoke or not, and a few others. This is so they can determine which surveys you qualify for. By the end of the whole process you will usually get your own username and password for the site. This way, you can log in and view how much money or how many points you have accumulated. Most websites require that you have a certain amount accumulated before you can request payment.

Within a few days after signing up with a company you will usually get your first survey in your email! It’s actually a link sent to you that will lead to a website where you will take the survey.

Some surveys have screeners first, where they determine if you qualify or not. If you pass the screener, you will continue to take the remainder of the survey. Before you start the survey they will tell you approximately how long it should take you. From my experience, the average length of a survey is about 10-12 minutes. These shorter surveys usually pay between $2 and $5, however I have received some that paid as high as $25 in Amazon gift cards. Sometimes you will have to wait to be paid until the survey quota is filled, although a good portion of the time you get paid right away.

It is important that you sign up with as many companies as you can. It is tedious and takes a long time, however it will pay off in the end. Make a plan and sign up with 5 or 10 companies each day. You will see a vast increase in the number of surveys you receive, and the amount of money you can make. It’s also important to fill out as many surveys as you can, even if they aren’t for cash, but for prizes or an entry into a drawing. You’d be surprised at how many people actually win those drawings. It’s also important to complete as many surveys as possible because the company will realize that you are dedicated to taking their surveys, and they will send you more and usually send you ones that pay much more.

In conclusion, the best thing to do when you start out is stay organized and pace yourself. There’s no need to rush to sign up with as many companies as you can in one day. Take your time and have fun making money with these surveys.