I was searching around the web today for some new sites to add to Flurbl’s databases however, I didn’t come across any that had good user ratings. Since I didn’t have any new sites to tell you about, I figured I should at least suggest one that I know to reputable and that I’ve earned money with.

About five years ago I came across InboxDollars. Back in 2003 it was just on its rise, considering it went online in 2000. After about 3 months with them I earned $25, mostly through completing offers. I decided to spend $17 of my earnings to buy a Gold Membership, which hasn’t quite payed for itself yet. I currently have 46 active referrals, most of which I got from being a Gold Member.

InboxDollars pays about 3 cents per email read and you get about 2-3 per day. They also pay you $5 just for signing up. Not only do they offer paid emails but paid offers are also a large part of the site. They pay you a fairly generous amount for completing offers compared to other sites. You can also get paid to take surveys (about $1 per 10-15 minute survey) and you can get paid to play games. Whenever you refer someone to InboxDollars you get money everytime they view an email as well as complete an offer. When one of your referrals cashes out you get paid $5.

The best part about InboxDollars is that they are reliable. Upon completing an offer you will always get credited within a reasonable amount of time, sometimes right away. They are a trustworthy company with over 2 million members. I would strongly recommend InboxDollars to anyone.