has well over 127,000 members typing their hearts out to earn about 1 to 3 cents per post. It is a well-known paid to post site, but is it all worth it?

Let’s say you can write one post per minute, including all the time it takes to research, think, let the page load, and type. This means you’re making about 3 cents per minute, or about $1.80 per hour. That’s way below minimum wage and not to mention not very profitable.

The big question is why are there hundreds of thousands of people on Mylot typing away for such cruddy pay? Many like to simply talk to other people for the heck of it and hey, the extra cash here and there doesn’t hurt. Some people are on trying to gain referrals to other sites or promote their products. Sadly enough, there are also some people who are on Mylot trying to earn money for the sole purpose of earning money online. I give these people a lot of credit and in no way am I trying to put you down.

What ticks me off is that Mylot is making a ton off of these people by saying they pay to post. The owners of the website make a killing off of ads while they sit there and let their members do all the work of writing the site’s content. It’s like paying someone a few cents an hour to do all the dirty work while you sit there and get rich off of them. Is it fair? No way. They should be paying their members at least 10 cents per post.

Ofcourse some could argue that the money part doesn’t matter, that they just do it for fun. There are many sites out there who don’t even pay their members for writing reviews or posts that gain the sites top spots on search engines.

I have talked to people who earn hundreds a month from Mylot by getting referrals for the site. They earn a portion of what their referrals make every month. It’s a great deal but that also costs money. Unless you’re a very popular person or have all the patience in the world, then you have to pay to advertise your referral link. It takes time and money; sometimes more of one than the other.

Overall, isn’t one of those sites that you should spend all of your time at. It’s great to chat with people and earn a few bucks here and there. It’s also a great place to meet people from all around the world. I love its design and the ease of use is wonderful. As for a great way to earn money online… it gets a 4/10.