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Make $8.00 An Hour Online

Screen shot 2010-02-08 at 7.41.49 PMHow do you earn a steady income online? It’s not as hard as some people think. Thank goodness for Amazon’s Mturk. More >

Make Money with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (mturk)

I came across an interesting opportunity to earn money online. Amazon created a website where tasks are posted with a reward. The website is called mturk, short for Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Some tasks pay around $5.00 and include things like reviewing a website or testing out a submit form. Other tasks include finding email addresses on a site or locating company information. These easier tasks pay a mere $0.05 to $0.10, sometimes even less.

My Review of Amazon’s mturk:

So far I have been slightly disappointed with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Sure, it’s great to be paid for doing easy tasks, but 5 cents per task does not add up quickly, not to mention these little tasks are time consuming. In order to make $8.00 per hour doing tasks at 5 cents a piece you would need to complete 160 tasks. That’s insane.

I have completed three tasks at this point. One promised to pay $6.10. I submitted the task and it won’t accept the submit, therefore wasting the time I spent completing the task. The other two tasks I completed were for $0.05, which are still pending. Once they clear (hopefully), I’ll come back and let you all know if they actually pay.

So, is there a way to make money with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk? Definitely. A lot of tasks are asking you write short articles (around 200-300 words) and they pay $1.00. This isn’t that much, however if you can turn out 8 articles per hour you will be making above minimum wage.

Let us know of your experiences with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Any suggestions on how to earn more money would be great!

Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out: MTurk