Anytime you look online at sites that promise to help you make money they always stress the point of signing up with as many paid survey sites and as many other payment opportunity sites as possible. They say that this is the key to success with earning money online… But if it’s that easy then why isn’t everyone doing it?

You can’t be successful with earning money online unless you get all the survey invitations and opportunity news easily and efficiently. More importantly, you have to know all of your website login information in order to even start earning money with sites.

Signing up with a lot of sites is important in order to get a strong base of money making opportunities, however it is even more crucial to keep all information regarding these sites in a safe and common place.

My suggestion, from a great deal of past experience, is to get an email address at a reputable website, like Yahoo! or GMail, before you even begin to sign up with any type of online earning opportunity site. Use this email only for your online earning endeavors. Make sure the password is strong, including characters like !)*&^ and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Also remember to write down your email address and password on a piece of paper and keep it somewhere safe.

Remember to check this email constantly and keep it organized by tagging unwanted mail as spam and always unsubscribe from emails that you never wanted to receive. Even check your spam mail folder because some mail that you want to receive gets placed in this folder. This will ensure that you get all the earning opportunities that you want, greatly increasing your chances of making money online.

Another suggestion to keep organized is to keep track of all your login information for each website. Using the username/password tracker on your browser is useful for quick login, however you’ll want to make sure you have a backup list off all your information just incase. Using a program like Microsoft Excel is a great way to organize all this information. Make separate columns labeled Site Name, Username, and Password, and record all this data every time you sign up with a new site. Be sure to print this information once in awhile so you have a hard copy; you never know when data can get erased.

I guarantee that keeping organized will help you succeed in making money online. Keeping organized is one of those things that I used to shrug off. When I read articles about it I would think “why did I waste my time reading that.” Finally I realized that I wasn’t wasting my time, it was just taking me a long time to get the hint. Good luck earning money online and I hope this advice will help you.