It’s no secret that most work from home sites rely on getting referrals to keep their site going. In fact, most webmasters who such sites only created them for the sole purpose of displaying their affiliate links in hopes of gaining referrals. How hard is it to gain referrals and is it worth it to set up a whole site dedicated to it?

Most of you are probably thinking, “Flurbl is a work at home site… don’t they rely on gaining affiliates to keep going?” We have a few affiliate links in some of our posts, but they don’t nearly pay the bills. If we made a site solely dedicated to gaining affiliates, basically a list of affiliate banners, I’m sure that we would make enough money to keep the site up. Personally, I don’t agree with making a site with just affiliate links with the only intention being to gain referrals. It just seems like a cheap, effortless way to try and make some money.

Gaining affiliates is a hard thing to do. Gaining quality referrals that actually make you money is even harder. The best affiliate programs to sign up with are the ones that pay you per sign up. This ensures that no matter who signs up through your link, hard working referral or not, you will earn money. Unfortunately these affiliate programs are hard to come by. It’s understandable as to why such programs are so rare; people would just pay someone who never intends to be a quality member to sign up with that site just to gain a few cents.

The most popular type of affiliate program is the one that pays you a percentage of what your referral makes. It’s a pain in the butt to find quality referrals that will actually make you money with these programs. The best way to gain these quality referrals is to solicit your friends and family.

Your close friends and family are your best shot at making money online. I know, you’re probably thinking what a cruddy thing it is to use your close friends and family to make some money; but hey, think about this way… If it’s a good site that makes you money, they should be able to have the chance to make money too and you can benefit a little.

Using Facebook and MySpace are great ways to gain referrals for affiliate programs. There’s no easier way to connect with your friends than a social networking site. People are much more likely to give a site a try if one of their friends recommends it. Try sending out one of your affiliate links in a message to your friends on a social networking site. You’ll probably gain a few referrals right there.

Should you create a website dedicated to earning referrals?

Yes and no. I know, not the answer you were looking for. If you’re trying to gain affiliates for PTC or paid survey sites, I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you use a free hosting service. The cost of hosting and domain registration is not offset by the amount of referrals that you’ll earn, unless you have a very popular website. However, if you are trying to gain referrals for a company selling a product, such as hosting, it may be beneficial to create a website.

Just remember; only quality referrals make you money. This is one situation where it’s quality, not quantity.