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Hoards of people have been emailing me asking about Some are wondering why it’s such a big deal while others are just wondering if it’s worth it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with, it’s a paid to click (PTC) website that recently opened it’s doors in June of 2007. They pay you $0.05 to sign up and $0.01 per ad you click. You can upgrade your account for $59.00 in order to be paid $0.0125 per ad you click. If you refer someone you are credited every time they click on an add. Basically it’s like every other PTC website out there… in a way.

I’m not going to dish out a bunch of bologna on how wonderful the site is just to gain referrals. I’ll tell it like it is. It’s true, I am a member and I would love for you to sign up under me; however you should be told the facts first…

Ok, here’s the thing; right off the bat got in trouble for copying another PTC website called AdBux. A mini PTC website war broke out and got “sabotaged” and kicked offline for a little bit and both website owners got their undies in a knot. After awhile they worked it out and paid all their members and the site was up and running for good.

Seems like the owners of would give up there… but no… just to prove AdBux wrong they made sure their website would become strong and full of nonstop clicking members. Basically’s membership skyrocketed. They earned loads of money off of advertisers and paid their members… oh wait… did they pay their members?

Well, if everyone would have just read‘s Terms of Service (of course the one thing that everyone loves to read) they would have realized that they would get paid after 30 days of requesting payment. Many people waited… then waited a little longer… They sent support messages but heard back only days later with a response of “we’ll pay, just wait.” People eventually got paid about 60 days later. To fix this the team changed the Terms of Service to say that payment will be made 60 days after it is requested.

What a relief… now you just wait 60 days and payment will be made. Yet there are still people I have talked to that have been waiting for payment since December of 2007. As of today that’s about 5 months ago! Someone must not be counting their days correctly.

On the other hand, and in defense of, I have talked to some who have been paid. They have gotten checks in the $100’s and they swear by Ever since the whole AdBux vs. “scandal” it’s hard to recognize a true complaint from an attempt at slander.

One thing that seems to be a plus over at is the option to buy referrals. As many of you know, getting referrals in one of the only ways to make a decent amount of money with PTC sites. As many of you also know, it’s a pain in the ‘you know what’ to get referrals. There’s nothing easier than buying them. They’re a tad bit pricey (about $1.00 a piece with a minimum purchase of 15) and I’ve read some complaints that the referrals sometimes lack on clicking habits. However, I’ve also heard that replaces non-active clickers.

So, as for the big question of whether it is worth joining? Yeah, it is. What’s it hurt if it cost you nothing to join the site? The only thing you can gain is a few extra dollars and the only thing you lose is about one minute online. If they don’t pay you it’s no sweat… as long as you didn’t put any money or put a lot of time into it. As with any PTC program online, don’t rely on it for an income source. Making money online is only fun and only works when you aren’t dead serious about it.

Please feel free to post your experiences with here. If you’d like to give a shot, sign up here!

Found a New Site

The other day I was looking at some survey sites when I stumbled across This site is really cool. They pay you to click on a selection of ads each day, which adds up to about 10 cents a day. The best part is, you get 1 cent per ad that your referrals click on. For example: (this was extracted from the website)

Earnings Example
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00

I was browsing their ads and found one written by a member who had earned over $3,000 and actually got a check from them.

The website is simple and it seems to be a great way to earn money. The only thing that I was unfamiliar with is that you have to have an AlertPay account to be paid. It’s just like PayPal and it’s really easy to sign up with. When you want to access your money all you have to do is request a check.

I definitely would recommend this site to anyone.