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Reviewstream Has Increased Rates!

Just to let everyone know, Reviewstream has increased their article payment up to $2.50 per review. That’s a 25% increase!

So many people have been asking how to get paid the full rate on Reviewstream. Well, there’s no specific formula that I know of, however from experience I can tell you some things.

  1. State your personal feelings. For example, say “I felt uncomfortable in the theater seats” instead of “the seats in the theater were old.”
  2. Spend less time describing what the item/place/service is about. For example, don’t spend two paragraphs writing about the features of a cell phone. Just say what you thought about the features.
  3. Try to sneak the name of the item/place/service into the review a few times. This helps it show up in search engine results, making it worth more to Reviewstream.
  4. Check your grammar and spelling!
  5. Make sure the review is at least around 300-400 words. I don’t know the exact number, but sometimes your review will be rejected. Just write a little more and it will be accepted.

Sometimes you can write 600 words and still not get the full rate. Remember, it’s quality, not quantity! Don’t panic if you get a page saying “your review is not valuable.” It just means it wasn’t long enough. Go back and write a little bit more and throw in the name of the item/place/service once more.

If you haven’t already, you should click here to start writing reviews with Reviewstream.; a Review

It seems kind of ironic to review a site that posts reviews. is a website that shares part of its ad revenue with its users who write reviews. Basically, it’s a mixture of a Facebook for review writers and a review website. I have been a member for the past month or so and I have a ton of fun with it. It’s a great way to get connected with others online and be able to write your opinion. There are some upsides to it, and a few downsides, but that’s expected with every site… except Flurbl of course, Flurbl is just all upsides… :).

The Upsides: is a great place to connect with other people and read about products you like or want to find out about. On many occasions I find myself looking up products that I am considering buying and then reconsidering after I read a review about it. It has saved me from buying many bad products several of times. Also, it’s just fun to talk to other people and see what they have to say about your reviews. I have met many kind people through

They have a great website that is fun to use. You can vote for other’s reviews and comment on them as well as friend request people and send them messages. It’s a fun online community and a great way to get your word out there.

Another great thing is that pays you for writing reviews and voting for other’s reviews. Their ad revenue sharing program is pretty good, but I wouldn’t expect to make an online job out of it. It’s just nice to get a payment once in awhile, no matter how small.

The Downsides

Although shares some ad revenue with you, they barely share. Either that, or they aren’t making much off of their site (which would be hard to believe). They don’t pay you upfront for writing a review, nor do they pay you upfront for voting for other’s reviews. You never know how much you are going to get paid until the end of the month or later. You can receive 100s of votes for your reviews, vote for 100s of other reviews, and write 20 reviews in one month and still only earn $0.10. For some reason, I doubt they only made a few cents off of your 20+ reviews… something seems fishy.

Another downside, or should I say frustration, is that has the right to rent out your reviews to companies. For instance, say a magazine needs a quick review about the new iPhone. They can contact and ask to rent a review to publish in their magazine. may be paid $100 for this (I really don’t know how much, I’m improvising) and you could never see that money, or if you do it’s most likely in the low dollar to cent range. It’s just frustrating that these companies pay meager amounts for such hard work. At any rate, be aware that your reviews aren’t really “yours” anymore when you publish them on

They also don’t offer a referral program, which stinks. They tell you that you should promote just to get more users to the site so that they will vote for your reviews. It doesn’t quite sound like a wonderful reason, seeing as that voting money doesn’t really add up to much, but it’s a reason. That’s not why I’m writing this post, I just thought I’d let everyone know about for another opportunity to earn some money and have a little fun while doing it.

I would recommend just because it is a great community website to meet others and read about products before you buy them. Who knows, maybe in the future they will pay you more to write and more to vote. For now, I wouldn’t consider a great source of income, but the money adds up quickly when you’re just trying to have fun. If you end up signing up for don’t forget to friend request Flurbl!

As always, feel free to post your experience with and tell us any helpful hints you have!

Should You Have to Pay to Make Money?

My biggest annoyance with making money online is having to pay websites who promise that I’ll make thousands of dollars. It would be fine with me if they took a small percentage of my earnings (maybe around 3%) if I used their program to make money online. At least then I would know that their program actually works, or else they wouldn’t make any money either. Everywhere I read things like, “You shouldn’t have to pay to make money!” and “Getting a job should be free.” But since we’re working online and only completing paid surveys or similar, are we technically getting a job? Even if we are, everyday people pay companies to help them find jobs.

By now you’re probably thinking that this is outrageous and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Personally, I think that making money online should be free. All these paid survey companies and paid offer companies are making more money off of everything we do for them than they pay us. One thing I realized is that I’ve never had to pay to sign up with a paid survey website. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had to pay for signing up with any “get paid to” website. The only sites that I’ve seen that require a fee are the ones who claim they have the method or program that will make you hundreds of dollars.

So, you have to think; are you paying to get a job or are you paying for a program that shows you how to get paid surveys, or likewise, online. Technically when you sign up for a paid survey site you aren’t getting a job, and they clearly state that in the Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately most of these paid survey programs just throw you a list of paid surveys that you could have gotten anywhere else for free and give you barely any advice whatsoever. Even worse is that on top of the fee they get for your membership they make money every time you sign up for a website through them. Basically, they could have given you a free membership and still made a ton of money off of you. Makes it feel like you’re being taken advantage of, huh?

Win an Ipod

All in all, you shouldn’t have to pay to make money online. Some ways of making money online, such as affiliate programs, may be more profitable if you invest a little money in advertising, however in order to take paid surveys or do other “get paid to” programs, you should never have to pay. After trying those programs that promise you’ll make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, I can honestly say that they do not work and that all the information they offer can be gotten for free at other places (like!).

Feel free to take advantage of our free paid survey database and send us an email ( if you have questions about making money online or if there’s something you’d like to be written about.

The Inside Scoop on ReviewStream

Last week I emailed the administration staff over at and asked for some inside information that I figured you might want to know. For those of you who are not familiar with the site, ReviewStream is a place where anyone can write a review about absolutely anything and get paid for it. It’s one of the only places on the web that pays consistently for user formed reviews.

I emailed the staff and here are some of the responses that I got;

Me: What country is ReviewStream based in?

ReviewStream: It’s owned by the group of private investors and is operated by the international team, located in US and EU. It was bought not far ago from the New Zealand company

Me: Do you have any future plans for expanding?

ReviewStream: Not a lot. We will be number 3 … Right after the Google and Wikipedia.

Me: What do you look for in a review?

ReviewStream: The main idea is to provide the consumer with the helpful information. Not the product or service description, but the information based on the personal experience. The criterias are individual in every case and depend on the item by itself, it’s location, current market conditions, etc.

Me: What determines whether a review receives the bulk rate or the full rate?

ReviewStream: Some items like recipes, movies, books, games, food, etc. we will not buy at a regular rate in most cases. Why ? Just imagine how many reviews were written about the Harry Poter movies for example.

How many reviews can be found about the businesses near your location? I doubt a lot of them.
Review these businesses, mentioning exact addresses, and we will be more than happy to buy these reviews at a regular rate.

For example we’re receiving a very opinioniated review of the Olive Garden restaurant. It’s well written and very helpful, but we can’t buy it at a regular rate because the location mentioned is something like : Chicago, IL.
But there are several Olive Garden restaurants in Chicago, IL. How the reader will determine what Olive Garden restaurant was reviewed ?
The exact location for the restaurants, hotels, local businesses, etc. will increase the review valuableness.

Another example: A perfect review about the kitchen appliance will not be valuable if this appliance was bought 10 years ago. But if you’re reviewing an appliance bought two months ago, it can be very helpful for others and sure we’re ready to buy such review at a regular rate.

It seems as though ReviewStream is looking for very specific reviews with as many details as possible. The staff was very friendly when I emailed them and asked them these questions. The folks over at ReviewStream are doing a great job with their website. Their reviews show up constantly on google search results and they pay their writers fairly well. Where else can you get $2.00 for writing something that takes only a few minutes?

If you’d like to give ReviewStream a try you can sign up here. It’s a great place to earn money online. I’ve been writing reviews for them since few months ago. I write about one per day and so far I have gotten about 10 $2.00 offers and a handful of bulk rate offers. I’ve had absolutely no problem with the site whatsoever and anytime I email the staff with a question I get a response within a day or so. I would highly recommend this site; it’s way better than earning money with paid to click sites, paid offer sites, etc. …is it Worth it? has well over 127,000 members typing their hearts out to earn about 1 to 3 cents per post. It is a well-known paid to post site, but is it all worth it?

Let’s say you can write one post per minute, including all the time it takes to research, think, let the page load, and type. This means you’re making about 3 cents per minute, or about $1.80 per hour. That’s way below minimum wage and not to mention not very profitable.

The big question is why are there hundreds of thousands of people on Mylot typing away for such cruddy pay? Many like to simply talk to other people for the heck of it and hey, the extra cash here and there doesn’t hurt. Some people are on trying to gain referrals to other sites or promote their products. Sadly enough, there are also some people who are on Mylot trying to earn money for the sole purpose of earning money online. I give these people a lot of credit and in no way am I trying to put you down.

What ticks me off is that Mylot is making a ton off of these people by saying they pay to post. The owners of the website make a killing off of ads while they sit there and let their members do all the work of writing the site’s content. It’s like paying someone a few cents an hour to do all the dirty work while you sit there and get rich off of them. Is it fair? No way. They should be paying their members at least 10 cents per post.

Ofcourse some could argue that the money part doesn’t matter, that they just do it for fun. There are many sites out there who don’t even pay their members for writing reviews or posts that gain the sites top spots on search engines.

I have talked to people who earn hundreds a month from Mylot by getting referrals for the site. They earn a portion of what their referrals make every month. It’s a great deal but that also costs money. Unless you’re a very popular person or have all the patience in the world, then you have to pay to advertise your referral link. It takes time and money; sometimes more of one than the other.

Overall, isn’t one of those sites that you should spend all of your time at. It’s great to chat with people and earn a few bucks here and there. It’s also a great place to meet people from all around the world. I love its design and the ease of use is wonderful. As for a great way to earn money online… it gets a 4/10.