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SurveySavvy Updated Review

Usually when I update a review it’s because something bad happened, but that’s not the case with SurveySavvy! Seriously, this is one of the only paid survey websites that I truly enjoy belonging to.

Here’s a quick overview if you don’t feel like reading the entire review of SurveySavvy:
Survey Site: SurveySavvy
Trustworthy: Yes/Five Stars
Minimum pay-out: None (I even requested a check for $7.00)
Time to Get Check: About 2 weeks
Number of surveys per week: About 1-2
Average Length of Survey: 15 minutes
Pros: No minimum pay-out, actually pays, short and entertaining surveys, pays well (avg. $3.50/survey for me), great referral system.
Cons: Long gaps between survey opportunities, survey quotas fill up quickly.
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Frustrated with Sendearnings

The other day I clicked on a paid email as usual from Sendearnings and decided to check my balance. To my surprise it said I didn’t even have an account with Sendearnings! I have been a loyal paid email clicker for the past three years and now they deny that I even have an account! I’m so frustrated because I can’t even get support because I have no account to log into. I was almost at the mark to get paid.

I’m really surprised this is happening because Inboxdollars, the other website owned by the same company that owns Sendearnings, has already paid me twice with no difficulties. Hopefully I’ll clear things up. I’ll keep you all posted.

How To Make Money With SendEarnings

I always hear a lot of buzz about InboxDollars , but never much about its sister site SendEarnings . This website has basically the same setup as InboxDollars , with just a few different offers.

Personally, I use InboxDollars more often than SendEarnings , but that’s only because I was introduced to InboxDollars first. I actually wish that I had found SendEarnings first. This site, even though owned by the same company that owns InboxDollars , offers different pay-outs for the same offers. Sometimes you can get more money on SendEarnings for the same exact offer that is on InboxDollars .

How can you make money with SendEarnings ? It’s actually fairly simple and not time consuming. As soon as you sign up with the site you are automatically included n their paid email mailings, earning you about 3 cents per email viewed. If you read three emails per day, seven days a week, that’s $32.76 per year. It doesn’t seem like much, but it ads up, and a little extra money here and there is always welcome. Another way to earn money with SendEarnings is by completing offers.

Some offers cost you nothing and get you roughly $0.25 to $1.50. Within the first day you can easily earn a little over $5.00 by completing these free offers. Add this to the sign up bonus and profile surveys and you have yourself almost $15.00 in your first day.

This site also offers paid surveys, but at only $1 a piece, they’re usually not worth it.

I’ve been with SendEarnings for a little over two years. I haven’t received a check yet, but that’s only because I completely forgot about being a member of this site and haven’t clicked on their paid emails for over 1 year. I enjoy being a member though, the extra money is great, no matter how small. Personally, I never do the paid surveys for the site, simply because they take too long and pay only $1 for about 20 minutes worth of work; that’s only $3 an hour!

Just for fun, here’s my current account balance: $9.26 (updated 6/6/08) and # of referrals: 9

Account balance: $9.76 (updated 6/18/08) and # of referrals: 9

I’ll keep updating the balance so you can determine whether SendEarnings is worth it!