Why Is GlobalTestMarket So Good?

Lately I have gotten tons of emails about GlobalTestMarket. People have been raving about the paid survey site. Why? Apparently they have been sending their members tons of paid surveys that don’t take all that long to fill out and pay generously. The surveys pay in points but people have been raving to me how easy it is to convert those points into cash.
I wish I had more time to fill out paid surveys because GlobalTestMarket seems to be the way to go.

Is GlobalTestMarket Good?

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about GlobalTestMarket before. Is GlobalTestMarket reliable? Yes. Is GlobalTestMarket a scam? Absolutely not. It’s a great paid survey website that will definitely bring you some money.

I honestly haven’t spent much time taking surveys from GlobalTestMarket, but a bunch of my friends have. Here are some positive things I have heard from my friends regarding GlobalTestMarket:

  • They pay on time
  • The rewards are generous
  • They send a lot of paid survey opportunities regularly

I’ll start putting more time into GlobatTestMarket and report back soon. In the mean time, sign up with GlobalTestMarket by clicking the image above and leave a comment explaining your experience!

Is SurveySavvy a Scam?

SurveySavvy paid surveysSurveySavvy promises to pay people to take surveys. I have heard of people being paid $1.00 to take a 30 second survey (which equates to $120 an hour). Is SurveySavvy a scam?

No, SurveySavvy is definitely not a scam. In fact, I can personally guarantee that Survey Savvy does not scam people. I have gotten paid by check from SurveySavvy several times. I would have to argue that SurveySavvy is the best online paid survey company out there. SurveySavvy and the word scam do not belong together!

How much does SurveySavvy pay? That’s hard to answer. I have personally received paid surveys from SurveySavvy offering up to $13.00 for a 45 minute survey. However, I did not qualify. The highest paid survey I have taken from SurveySavvy paid $5.00 for a 20 minute survey. Did I get paid? Yes. I received the $5.00 in my account within 2 weeks.

Does SurveySavvy have a minimum payment amount? No, SurveySavvy not have a minimum payment amount. That’s right, you can request payment whenever you would like, regardless of your account balance. That’s one way you can tell that this company is certainly not out to scam anyone.

How much have you made with SurveySavvy? I have personally made a few hundred with SurveySavvy. I have requested checks ranging from $7.00 all the way to $50.00+. I usually receive the checks within about 2 weeks of requesting them.

I would personally recommend that you sign up with SurveySavvy if you are looking for a great way to earn extra money online with paid surveys. I can personally guarantee that SurveySavvy is absolutely not a scam. Leave a comment if you agree with me or feel otherwise!

5 Quick Ways for College Kids to Earn Money

Being in college usually means you have no money to spare. I know what it’s like, I was a college student not too long ago. I’ll admit it, I probably had the extra time to get a real job, but I also knew I could scrape by on birthday money and the occasional odd job. I also remember the feeling right before I had to pay off my credit card… it was the feeling of, “Oh crap, I actually don’t think I have enough money this time.”

I was always looking for ways to earn some extra money… but mostly ways to earn extra money that didn’t require a lot of work, would pay fairly well, and that I could do when I had the time. Here are some ways that are perfect for college students to earn money online.

1. InboxDollars
I made about $95 in one semester with this website. It was easy to do because I always had my laptop on me, so I was always checking my email. All you have to do is click on a link in an email to view an ad. You get paid $0.03 per email (which adds up). I also clipped some coupons from their site and got paid $0.10 for every coupon I used. Lastly, I referred my friends using a link they give you once you sign up. A lot of my college friends signed up and I never heard anyone complain about the essentially free money.

2. “Get a Free… Site”
People usually brush past these sites as scams, but you’d be surprised to find out that they actually work. I got a free iPod (yes, when there weren’t any iPods with touchscreen yet!). These offers work out really well when you’re in college because you most likely know a bunch of people, college kids like new tech gear for free, and you’re probably just itching to use the new credit card you just got.

Here’s how these deals work and how you can make out on top:

1. You submit your info (you basically create a login)

2. You complete a few trial offers. You are usually allowed to cancel after the initial FREE, or very close to free, trial period. That’s what I did. I canceled the day before the trial period ended with no questions asked. I was charged a total of $9.99 for all the trials I completed.

3. Get a few friends to complete the offers as well by giving them your referral link. I found that showing them the trials are actually free, or nearly free, and you signed up for them with no problems helps get rid of the skepticism.

4. Get your free item in the mail. I have to say, I was extremely surprised when my iPod showed up. Of course I had been telling my friends that I was 100% sure it was a legit offer. Obviously, I was lying. I thought it wasn’t going to work but I didn’t have much to lose. When it actually worked I bragged to all my friends and about 10 people I knew did the offers and referred their friends and ended up with iPods too.

5. Once you get your item, brag to your friends. Then find another cool offer to complete and this time your friends will have no problem completing the offers too. Once you get bored of your item, sell it on eBay.

Here’s one of those offers for you to get started on:

3. MTurk
This is a site run by Amazon. People post small jobs like finding contact info, categorizing a picture, or transcribing an mp3. They pay you per job done. Usually categorizing a picture will fetch you $0.02. It takes about a second or two to categorize the pictures so you can easily complete a few hundred in an hour. It a great way to earn a few extra dollars while you’re sitting in class… I mean, during your free time.

4. SurveySavvy
There are hundreds of paid survey websites out there, but I’d have to argue that SurveySavvy alone. Then I referred my friends and made even more!

5. Social Marketing
Since just about every college kid on the face of the Earth has a FaceBook profile and a million friends, social marketing is a great way to earn money. Look for ads on Craigslist asking for young adults to make posts about products. I know some kids who make $20.00 every time they make a status update about a product. A great way to put yourself in a good position for social marketing is to get as many friends as you can. Remember that kid you went to kindergarten with for one week? Friend him. Companies want to see that you have a ton of friends so their message will get out there.

Microworkers: Get Paid to Complete Small Tasks!

I just got paid $0.45 to hit a “like” button. Microworkers is a great website to earn a fair bit of extra money by completing small tasks such as hitting a FaceBook “like” button, leaving a comment on a webpage, or writing a short review of something. I strongly recommend you sign up with Microworkers. It’s one of the easiest places to earn money online.

Two Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Believe it or not, there are some simple ways to earn money online. Try these three methods and it’s guaranteed you’ll make a few dollars here and there. After awhile it will all add up!

Amazon Mturk Amazon’s Mturk

Amazon’s Mturk is probably the fastest way to earn money online. It’s fast, easy, and you’re guaranteed to get paid whenever you’d like. Thousands of jobs are posted. Most consist of categorizing things, finding contact info, or transcribing audio. You can make a lot of extra money here. The only downside is that you need your work to be approved before you get paid, but it’s usually approved the day after you complete it.

Earn money with Inboxdollars Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars is a great place to earn money for things you already do. For example, for every coupon of theirs that you use, you get paid $0.10. Plus, they’re coupons for items that most people buy. You can also get paid for reading emails (short advertisements), watching ads, taking surveys, signing up for trials, and much more. I have made over $100 at this site and I always get paid in a timely manner. The only downsides are that you have to wait until your account reaches $30.00 before you can request payment and they charge a $3.00 check fee.

New and Different Paid Survey Sites

New paid survey sites are popping up all the time. It’s a great idea to jump on the bandwagon early. Some offer great affiliate commissions and it’s best to be one of the first to hand out affiliate links. The trouble is finding out about these new or unheard of sites.

Here’s a list of a few I’ve recently come across. Sign up with these and invite your friends if affiliate links are given. It’s a great way to make some extra cash!

The Big Secret: The Best Paid Survey Site Plus Bonus

It’s hard to let out the secret, it took me so long to find. I’ve gotten paid from this paid survey site many times. There’s no minimum payout and referral earnings are high.

The trick to using this site: The first few surveys will most likely not pay, but take them anyway. It took me almost a year and a half to figure this out. I sucked it up and took 5 surveys that said they were just for entries into a drawing and I filled out some profile surveys (only about 5 minutes each). Man, am I glad I gave it a shot.

Ever since then I’ve been getting tons of offers a few times a week to take 15 minute surveys that pay out $4.00 and even a few that paid out $10-$15 for a short 5 minute survey (one turned out to just asked what I mainly used my computer for and what brand it was). I’m not lying either; I know you’ve seen it posted everywhere; big advertisements that say “Make $10 for a short 5 minute survey.” Seriously, it’s true.

What’s the catch, you might ask? There really isn’t any. I absolutely, 100% trust this site and really mean every word I say. Why would I let out the secret? I want you to be my referral. I don’t get any money for you signing up, I only get money if you take surveys and make money. I want you to succeed!

Ready to sign up? Click here for the secret paid survey site and start making money today. Remember, the first few might only offer you an entry into a drawing as a reward, but I promise you that it’s worth it.


Here’s the bonus. I recently came across this paid survey site by recommendation. Some people in the industry have told me that it’s up and coming and anyone who wants to join should do it now. I recommend you give it a try, I’ve heard good things!

Click here to sign up with the bonus paid survey site!