onedollarIt sounds funny, but the first step to making money online is to make one dollar. The hardest money to earn online will be your first dollar. In fact, it took me over one month to make my first dollar online!

Why is it so hard to make a measly $1.00? Well, the problem isn’t making the $1.00 so much as it is getting hold of that dollar. A lot of sites require that you have a minimum balance before you can request your money. For example, Reviewstream pays you up to $2.50 per review you write, but they have a minimum requirement of $50.00 before you can request payment. A lot of paid survey sites operate in the same way, plus you have to wait untilt he study is over. That can take weeks!

The trick is to find a site that pays you automatically or whenever you want to be paid. Luckily, I’ve come across some of those sites. Here are a couple:

  1. Youdata- Once you sign up all you have to do is view a few ads and you’ll be paid through PayPal within a few days. I got paid $2.85 my first time! WARNING: You need a PayPal account to be paid from this site.
  2. Associated Content- Have any old school papers? Like to write articles? Submit any writing to Associated Content and you will almost be guaranteed to be offered money. For example, I submitted an article called “Top Ten Things To Do In Connecticut” and was offered $10.18. Plus I receive payments each month for every 1,000 views the article gets. You will be payed by PayPal within a few days of submitting your article.

Those two sites should be good enough to getting you on your way to earning your first $1 online. Once you get paid your first dollar, be sure to come back and learn how to earn some real money!

Let us know how it goes please!

Don’t worry though, with my help it won’t take you a month to earn $1 online.