I’ve tried out YourFreeSurveys for a few weeks now. So, what’s my review of YourFreeSurveys?

YourFreeSurveys is a website that doesn’t directly offer you surveys. Honestly, this was slightly disappointing. On their website they advertise surveys they are “giving” their members. YourFreeSurveys just refers you to other surveys. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact I got referred to some high profiting surveys this way.

Upon signing up with Your Free Surveys you get $4.00. Of course, you have to meet and account minimum of $30.00 to cash out. From my research it looks as though it would take at least 2 months to reach this account minimum at first. This is fairly typical for a paid survey website.

Ultimately, I would recommend YourFreeSurveys, especially to paid survey beginners. It’s a good resource and does connect you with some high paying surveys.

Let us know what you think of Your Free Surveys.