Screen shot 2010-02-06 at 9.26.11 PMIf you’ve ever looked into being an online affiliate you’ve probably run across ClickBank at some point. ClickBank is probably one of the biggest affiliate earning sources on the internet, but is it the best?

I’ve been an affiliate with ClickBank for the past five years and my experience has been has been good at times, but bad at others. The first thing you’ll notice is that everyone always promises ClickBank to be the way to earn hundreds of dollars online almost instantly. That just isn’t the case.

ClickBank offers thousands of products to sell. Most of these products are electronic items such as software, website subscriptions, or eBooks. While ClickBank and its affiliates promise that all of these products are the next greatest thing and will sell with almost no effort needed by the affiliate, it’s not true. Tons of ClickBank products are what some would call “borderline scams” while others are priced too high or don’t have a big enough audience.

On the other hand, there are some ClickBank products that are worth the money and do have a large audience to sell to. However, it’s not as easy as just posting a link and waiting for the money to fly in. You have to sell the product. That includes writing a convincing selling page and putting in time and money to promote the website. It may be months before you ever see a profit.

Some of the problems I had during my experience with ClickBank were the quality of some of the products that I was expected to promote and the methods that some affiliates were using to promote those products.. Some of the eBooks I was promoting weren’t what I would recommend to a friend. After awhile I decided to only promote products I would truly buy myself. In fact, I made a policy of only promoting products once I bought them myself. It just didn’t seem right that a company would provide some lower quality products and expect people to promote these products. On top of that I noticed that many affiliates were making false claims and lying to their customers. While I realize that this wasn’t ClickBank‘s fault, it seemed as though they should have done something about it.

All in all, ClickBank can be a great source of revenue for any affiliate if you truly believe in the products you are promoting and have some time and money to promote those products. It certainly isn’t a quick and easy way to earn thousands of dollars within days.

Do you have any experience with ClickBank? Let us know by posting a comment below!