The Inboxdollars scam… is it true?  There’s a lot of talk out there that Inboxdollars is a scam.  I can vouch that Inboxdollars is not a scam.

In fact, I have proof of payment from Inboxdollars:


Why would people say Inboxdollars is a scam?  There have been complaints of unpaid earnings, not being credited for offers that were completed and the fact that they charge you $3.00 to process your payment.

There are a lot of “get paid to…” sites out there and it’s hard to spot the good ones.  I have had an overall okay experience with Inboxdollars.

ABout three years ago I signed up with Inboxdollars and worked my butt off to earn the $30.00 minimum to cash out.  It took me a few months to get to that point.  Just when I was going to request a check they offered me the great deal of upgrading to a “gold membership” for only $17.00.  It would get more a ton of referrals and, as they claimed, I would more than likely earn the $17.00 back in no time.

Guess what?  I still haven’t earned that $17.00 back.  They granted me a whopping total of 15 referrals that never cashed out and I’m sure used the site a total of two times.  Anyway, I stuck it out and made back the $17.00 reading paid emails and completing offers.  I went to request a check and there’s a small notice saying that it costs $3.00 to request a check.  There’s no other payment option… so you’re forced to give up $3.00.  Wow.  Uncool.

Needless to say, I requested the check and it arrived within 6 weeks.

Inboxdollars isn’t a bad site.  They have some good offers, things that I would normally pay for anyway, and the paid emails earn me about $0.06 per day (about $22 per year).  Their paid surveys pay virtually nothing.  Mostly they’re a waste of time.

All in all, I would recommend Inboxdollars.  They pay (even though the $3.00 fee is RIDICULOUS), they have some good offers, and the paid emails give you an extra nickel a day which you didn’t have before.  Now you know, Inboxdollars isn’t a scam.

Let us know of your experiences with Inboxdollars!

Here’s a link incase you want to sign up (referral free link, it just goes to their homepage): Inboxdollars