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How to Make $5 and Get Paid Within 5 Days

People always say the one thing that sucks about trying to make money online is that you have to wait forever to get paid or you don’t even get paid at all. Sometimes that’s true, but in this case it’s complete b.s.

If you want to make money and get paid within a few days it’s possible… in fact, it’s pretty easy. You just need a PayPal account and decent writing abilities.

Head over to Associated Content and register as a writer. Spend some time researching available categories and write a good article. It doesn’t even have to be that long. Really folks, it’s the quality that matters, not the quantity. You can even write a poem. Seriously, watch for grammar mistakes and write with detail, authority, and in an organized manner.

Submit the article for an upfront payment. You could have your article rejected if you didn’t write something they were looking for or if your article had spelling or grammar mistakes. In that case, get your crap together and start again! Never give up!

Most likely, if the article is of decent quality, you will be offered at least $5.00. My first article submission received an offer of $10.00. You can reject, but if you’re planning on making any money, I would accept. Your money will show up in your PayPal account within a few days. See how easy it is to make money online?

Make Money with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (mturk)

I came across an interesting opportunity to earn money online. Amazon created a website where tasks are posted with a reward. The website is called mturk, short for Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Some tasks pay around $5.00 and include things like reviewing a website or testing out a submit form. Other tasks include finding email addresses on a site or locating company information. These easier tasks pay a mere $0.05 to $0.10, sometimes even less.

My Review of Amazon’s mturk:

So far I have been slightly disappointed with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Sure, it’s great to be paid for doing easy tasks, but 5 cents per task does not add up quickly, not to mention these little tasks are time consuming. In order to make $8.00 per hour doing tasks at 5 cents a piece you would need to complete 160 tasks. That’s insane.

I have completed three tasks at this point. One promised to pay $6.10. I submitted the task and it won’t accept the submit, therefore wasting the time I spent completing the task. The other two tasks I completed were for $0.05, which are still pending. Once they clear (hopefully), I’ll come back and let you all know if they actually pay.

So, is there a way to make money with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk? Definitely. A lot of tasks are asking you write short articles (around 200-300 words) and they pay $1.00. This isn’t that much, however if you can turn out 8 articles per hour you will be making above minimum wage.

Let us know of your experiences with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Any suggestions on how to earn more money would be great!

Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out: MTurk

Valued Opinions Review

About a week ago I wrote an intro review to Valued Opinions.  Now that I’ve been a member for two weeks, I can honestly say that I am quite impressed with Valued Opinions, and here is the updated review of Valued Opinions surveys.

I receive about three paid survey offers per day!  Lately the rewards have been between $3.00 – $4.00 for a 25 minute survey.  The surveys have actually taken me about 15-20 minutes to complete.  One of them was even fun!

I have qualified for a lot more surveys lately, probably because they have been matching me based on a few screener surveys I took from their website.  I am genuinely impressed with the volume of survey requests they send each day.  It’s awesome!

To keep you updated on my earnings so far, here is a snapshot of my earnings for today and yesterday (Nov. 1st, 2009).

Screen shot 2009-11-01 at 11.10.22 PM

That’s $9.00 just for today and yesterday and I’ve only been a member for two weeks.  This is definitely a trustworthy paid survey site.

I’ll post another updated when my payment comes in the mail.

If you would like to become a member of Valued Opinions here is the link to their homepage (non-referral link, I promise): Valued Opinions

Let us know your experience with Valued Opinions.  Are you getting a lot of survey offers?  Have you been paid?

Inboxdollars Scam

The Inboxdollars scam… is it true?  There’s a lot of talk out there that Inboxdollars is a scam.  I can vouch that Inboxdollars is not a scam.

In fact, I have proof of payment from Inboxdollars:


Why would people say Inboxdollars is a scam?  There have been complaints of unpaid earnings, not being credited for offers that were completed and the fact that they charge you $3.00 to process your payment.

There are a lot of “get paid to…” sites out there and it’s hard to spot the good ones.  I have had an overall okay experience with Inboxdollars.

ABout three years ago I signed up with Inboxdollars and worked my butt off to earn the $30.00 minimum to cash out.  It took me a few months to get to that point.  Just when I was going to request a check they offered me the great deal of upgrading to a “gold membership” for only $17.00.  It would get more a ton of referrals and, as they claimed, I would more than likely earn the $17.00 back in no time.

Guess what?  I still haven’t earned that $17.00 back.  They granted me a whopping total of 15 referrals that never cashed out and I’m sure used the site a total of two times.  Anyway, I stuck it out and made back the $17.00 reading paid emails and completing offers.  I went to request a check and there’s a small notice saying that it costs $3.00 to request a check.  There’s no other payment option… so you’re forced to give up $3.00.  Wow.  Uncool.

Needless to say, I requested the check and it arrived within 6 weeks.

Inboxdollars isn’t a bad site.  They have some good offers, things that I would normally pay for anyway, and the paid emails earn me about $0.06 per day (about $22 per year).  Their paid surveys pay virtually nothing.  Mostly they’re a waste of time.

All in all, I would recommend Inboxdollars.  They pay (even though the $3.00 fee is RIDICULOUS), they have some good offers, and the paid emails give you an extra nickel a day which you didn’t have before.  Now you know, Inboxdollars isn’t a scam.

Let us know of your experiences with Inboxdollars!

Here’s a link incase you want to sign up (referral free link, it just goes to their homepage): Inboxdollars