I decided to try out Valued Opinions based on some recommendations from other people in a forum. Overall, it’s not bad, but here’s the breakdown:

When you “sign-up” for valuedopinions.com you are actually applying to become a panelist. I haven’t heard of anyone being denied, but it’s something different. The sign-up process requires that you give them some personal information, like home address, phone number, etc. Overall, it’s a fairly quick sign-up.

Valuedopinions.com has by far sent me the most surveys compared to any other paid survey site. Within the first day I was offered 2 surveys. Most offers pay $2.00 for about 20 minutes. That’s about $6.00/hr which is better than most online opportunities.

The surveys are hard to qualify in to. I honestly haven’t qualified for a survey yet, but I have gotten about ten offers in the past week. From what I’ve noticed from taking the screener surveys, the paid surveys are long, sometimes repetitive, and boring. However, they do pay.

I have seen actual payment proofs in forums and so far I have read of no payment complaints. It’s a reputable company, so I wouldn’t worry about whether you will receive payment.

Even though this review of Valued Opinions says the surveys are hard to qualify into and are boring, I’ve heard plenty from people who “happen” to qualify into surveys and complete about two per day, averaging a little over $20 per week. If you have the patience and luck to qualify to take the surveys, I would recommend Valued Opinions.

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