I find that one of the hardest things to do with making money online is gaining referrals.  It’s so frustrating to see that some people have hundreds and hundreds of active referrals while I’m striving just to get a few.  How do these people gain referrals?  Where do you even start to gain referrals?  Try these five steps to gaining referrals and you’ll be on your way to becoming a referral master!

1.)  Refer Your Friends and Family! I know, it seems wrong to try and recruit your friends and family, atleast for me I just get a weird feeling.  However, if it’s a program I truly believe in I have no problem recommending it to my friends and maybe earn a little money.  Friends and family are always a sure bet when trying to gain referrals.  They trust you, they value your opinion, and most of all, they have to try it because they can never say no to you!  Just don’t try and refer them to a program that is malicious or ill formed; not only will you hear about it but you’ll also lose some of their trust.

2.)  Use Social Networking One of the fastest and easiest ways to refer a lot of people is by sending them a message through a social networking site.  Using Facebook or MySpace can help you gain hundreds and hundreds of referrals with no upfront costs and barely any time.  Send a message to all of your friends and I bet you’ll get atleast a few referrals.  Make the message personable and straight to the point.  Let the website or program market itself, you just have to do the suggesting.

3.)  Trade referrals in a Forum This may not be the greatest way to gain tons of referrals, however it does work.  There are some online forums where you can connect with others who are trying to make money online just like you.  You can trade referrals with people in these forums.  For instance, you may need a referral for InboxDollars while someone else needs one for SendEarnings.  If you sign up under their referral link and they sign up under yours and as long as both of you remain active, you have completed a successful trade.  A good forum to connect with others would be one like GetPaidForum.

4.)  Rent an Email List This is one of the best ways to gain numerous referrals.  Unfortunately it also one fo the most expensive.  Renting a good email list can cost as much as $250 to send out around 50,000 emails.  The upfront cost may be high, but the return could be higher.  You also have to be careful when choosing an email list.  Some claim to have targeted readers and only cost $100 or less per 1 million emails… this seems fishy, mostly because it is.  Paying $100 to send out 10,000 truly targeted emails is worth more than sending out 1 million possible targeted emails.  Also make sure your ad/email is effective.  Send out a test of it (usually under 1,000 emails) and see which ad does best.  Using this method you can gain thousands of referrals.

5.)  Make a Referral Website A really effective way of gaining referrals is to make a referral website or landing page.  The upfront costs are fairly low and, if marketed correctly, you can gain endless referrals.  All you have to do is pick a domain name and get hosting for your site.  A good place to buy a domain name and get hosting would be a site like 1and1.com.  These types of hosting sites offer packages where you can get a domain included in the hosting and pay a minimal $4 a month for great hosting service.

Once you have your domain name and hosting settled you have to create the content.  You have to decide which program, or how many programs, you want to try and gain referrals for.  Make sure all of your content is original and trustwrthy.  Submit it to traffic exchange website like autohits.dk or linkreferral.com.  These sites will help boost your site’s ranking and maybe even attract a few potential referrals.

Don’t forget to make sure you market your site in every way you can.  Tell friends about it, post about it on other people’s blogs, write about it in forums.  Wherever you can tell people about your site, tell them.  It’s a surefire way to gain referrals.

I wish you the best of luck on gaining your referrals!  Tell everyone about your experience!  Leave a comment below!