My biggest annoyance with making money online is having to pay websites who promise that I’ll make thousands of dollars. It would be fine with me if they took a small percentage of my earnings (maybe around 3%) if I used their program to make money online. At least then I would know that their program actually works, or else they wouldn’t make any money either. Everywhere I read things like, “You shouldn’t have to pay to make money!” and “Getting a job should be free.” But since we’re working online and only completing paid surveys or similar, are we technically getting a job? Even if we are, everyday people pay companies to help them find jobs.

By now you’re probably thinking that this is outrageous and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Personally, I think that making money online should be free. All these paid survey companies and paid offer companies are making more money off of everything we do for them than they pay us. One thing I realized is that I’ve never had to pay to sign up with a paid survey website. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had to pay for signing up with any “get paid to” website. The only sites that I’ve seen that require a fee are the ones who claim they have the method or program that will make you hundreds of dollars.

So, you have to think; are you paying to get a job or are you paying for a program that shows you how to get paid surveys, or likewise, online. Technically when you sign up for a paid survey site you aren’t getting a job, and they clearly state that in the Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately most of these paid survey programs just throw you a list of paid surveys that you could have gotten anywhere else for free and give you barely any advice whatsoever. Even worse is that on top of the fee they get for your membership they make money every time you sign up for a website through them. Basically, they could have given you a free membership and still made a ton of money off of you. Makes it feel like you’re being taken advantage of, huh?

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All in all, you shouldn’t have to pay to make money online. Some ways of making money online, such as affiliate programs, may be more profitable if you invest a little money in advertising, however in order to take paid surveys or do other “get paid to” programs, you should never have to pay. After trying those programs that promise you’ll make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, I can honestly say that they do not work and that all the information they offer can be gotten for free at other places (like!).

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