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A Good Site to Connect with Others

One of the most important things to do when you’re trying to earn money online is to connect with others who are doing the same thing. Making good connections will you give you the upper hand in this industry. You will find out about all the hottest deals, get all the inside information, and learn a few tricks and hints here and there that will set you above the rest.

I’m going to let out my secret… The place I get my online earning information from is It’s a great place to meet up with others who are earning online. They have tons of categories to post in and getting help couldn’t be easier. For the most part, the people are very friendly and helpful. Of course there are a few out there who are just looking to get some referrals, but you never know when you’ll come across a good site.

One of my favorite parts of is the section where owners of PTC sites, and any online money making site for that matter, post announcements about their websites and services. You can talk directly to many website owners, and many are from websites that you know and use.

Just watch out! has strict rules about what links you can post (i.e. no referral links except for a certain section) and what websites you talk about (i.e. you can’t talk about your own… especially not mention the name of it). It’s a good thing in one way, you won’t run into tons of spam that way.

Go check out and let everyone know what you think about by posting a comment!; a Review

It seems kind of ironic to review a site that posts reviews. is a website that shares part of its ad revenue with its users who write reviews. Basically, it’s a mixture of a Facebook for review writers and a review website. I have been a member for the past month or so and I have a ton of fun with it. It’s a great way to get connected with others online and be able to write your opinion. There are some upsides to it, and a few downsides, but that’s expected with every site… except Flurbl of course, Flurbl is just all upsides… :).

The Upsides: is a great place to connect with other people and read about products you like or want to find out about. On many occasions I find myself looking up products that I am considering buying and then reconsidering after I read a review about it. It has saved me from buying many bad products several of times. Also, it’s just fun to talk to other people and see what they have to say about your reviews. I have met many kind people through

They have a great website that is fun to use. You can vote for other’s reviews and comment on them as well as friend request people and send them messages. It’s a fun online community and a great way to get your word out there.

Another great thing is that pays you for writing reviews and voting for other’s reviews. Their ad revenue sharing program is pretty good, but I wouldn’t expect to make an online job out of it. It’s just nice to get a payment once in awhile, no matter how small.

The Downsides

Although shares some ad revenue with you, they barely share. Either that, or they aren’t making much off of their site (which would be hard to believe). They don’t pay you upfront for writing a review, nor do they pay you upfront for voting for other’s reviews. You never know how much you are going to get paid until the end of the month or later. You can receive 100s of votes for your reviews, vote for 100s of other reviews, and write 20 reviews in one month and still only earn $0.10. For some reason, I doubt they only made a few cents off of your 20+ reviews… something seems fishy.

Another downside, or should I say frustration, is that has the right to rent out your reviews to companies. For instance, say a magazine needs a quick review about the new iPhone. They can contact and ask to rent a review to publish in their magazine. may be paid $100 for this (I really don’t know how much, I’m improvising) and you could never see that money, or if you do it’s most likely in the low dollar to cent range. It’s just frustrating that these companies pay meager amounts for such hard work. At any rate, be aware that your reviews aren’t really “yours” anymore when you publish them on

They also don’t offer a referral program, which stinks. They tell you that you should promote just to get more users to the site so that they will vote for your reviews. It doesn’t quite sound like a wonderful reason, seeing as that voting money doesn’t really add up to much, but it’s a reason. That’s not why I’m writing this post, I just thought I’d let everyone know about for another opportunity to earn some money and have a little fun while doing it.

I would recommend just because it is a great community website to meet others and read about products before you buy them. Who knows, maybe in the future they will pay you more to write and more to vote. For now, I wouldn’t consider a great source of income, but the money adds up quickly when you’re just trying to have fun. If you end up signing up for don’t forget to friend request Flurbl!

As always, feel free to post your experience with and tell us any helpful hints you have!

Survey4Profit Updated Review

A few weeks ago I posted a mini review about Survey4Profit. I promised an update, so here it is!

I’ve been using Survey4Profit for about two weeks now and I have mixed feelings. Basically, they haven’t sent me any surveys, except for maybe one (?), but I honestly can’t remember. Every few days I get an email from them, anticipating a paid survey, but all I get is a message saying “here’s a few sites we think you might be interested in,” and they list 2-4 sites for me to sign up with… which, I’m going to be honest, is disappointing and kind of sucks. They made it seem as though I was going to get paid surveys, and that I’d make a lot of money with them.

Free Website Hosting
In essence, they are just getting your email address so they can send you links to a bunch of paid survey websites, which are legit sites, but Survey4Profit itself isn’t really a paid survey company. They earn money every time you sign up with a website through their emails or links, which is okay, but I just wish they would tell you that Survey4Profit intends to get you connected with paid survey websites, not that they will provide you with surveys.

I think that Survey4Profit is overall a good, trustworthy site. Technically they never say that they will directly send you surveys, so I can’t say they lied about anything, they just let all of us assume that they will send us surveys. And, one thing that I must point out is that they do connect you with tons of paid survey sites that are well-known and well established. Survey4Profit is a great site for beginners in the paid survey industry, as they give you great information and wonderful links. Also, they have held true to their promise about not selling email addresses or spamming. I only get emails about 2 or 3 times a week from Survey4Profit and I still have no junk mail in my inbox!

Is Survey4Profit worth it? Honestly, I will probably not use their services, but that’s just because I have already signed up with numerous paid survey sites and I already know my way around the paid survey world quite a bit. If you are well established in the paid survey industry, I would say that Survey4Profit is probably not worth signing up with, but as for beginners, I would recommend it.

Please feel free to post your own experiences with Survey4Profit by leaving a comment!

SurveyClub… What is it?

A lot of people have been asking about SurveyClub lately. I decided to post a quick overview and review of it.

SurveyClub is a very popular paid survey website. In essence, it’s almost the same as those paid survey membership sites that you have to pay for, but it’s free! They will send you a few paid surveys, but they will also provide you with information and links to other sites that will pay you to take surveys online.

They have a very good referral program where you can earn $5 for every 5 friends you refer. $1 per referral isn’t bad. Most paid survey sites just offer you a few points or an entry into a sweepstakes. Speaking of sweepstakes, SurveyClub offers very good prize giveaways and sweepstakes just for signing up with them. You have the chance to be entered into a drawing for $10,000 upon sign-up. The best part is that it’s free! Hey, any chance to win some money for free sounds good.

Overall, SurveyClub is worth signing up with. They give you free information about taking paid surveys and they offer paid surveys. It’s a very good resource for earning money online and better yet, it’s a free resource.

Post your comments about your experience with SurveyClub; any advice is always helpful!

Should You Have to Pay to Make Money?

My biggest annoyance with making money online is having to pay websites who promise that I’ll make thousands of dollars. It would be fine with me if they took a small percentage of my earnings (maybe around 3%) if I used their program to make money online. At least then I would know that their program actually works, or else they wouldn’t make any money either. Everywhere I read things like, “You shouldn’t have to pay to make money!” and “Getting a job should be free.” But since we’re working online and only completing paid surveys or similar, are we technically getting a job? Even if we are, everyday people pay companies to help them find jobs.

By now you’re probably thinking that this is outrageous and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Personally, I think that making money online should be free. All these paid survey companies and paid offer companies are making more money off of everything we do for them than they pay us. One thing I realized is that I’ve never had to pay to sign up with a paid survey website. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had to pay for signing up with any “get paid to” website. The only sites that I’ve seen that require a fee are the ones who claim they have the method or program that will make you hundreds of dollars.

So, you have to think; are you paying to get a job or are you paying for a program that shows you how to get paid surveys, or likewise, online. Technically when you sign up for a paid survey site you aren’t getting a job, and they clearly state that in the Terms and Conditions. Unfortunately most of these paid survey programs just throw you a list of paid surveys that you could have gotten anywhere else for free and give you barely any advice whatsoever. Even worse is that on top of the fee they get for your membership they make money every time you sign up for a website through them. Basically, they could have given you a free membership and still made a ton of money off of you. Makes it feel like you’re being taken advantage of, huh?

Win an Ipod

All in all, you shouldn’t have to pay to make money online. Some ways of making money online, such as affiliate programs, may be more profitable if you invest a little money in advertising, however in order to take paid surveys or do other “get paid to” programs, you should never have to pay. After trying those programs that promise you’ll make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, I can honestly say that they do not work and that all the information they offer can be gotten for free at other places (like!).

Feel free to take advantage of our free paid survey database and send us an email ( if you have questions about making money online or if there’s something you’d like to be written about.

Make Money with PayPerPost

Of all the ways to make money online writing posts in your blog for advertisers is probably the most lucrative. It’s fairly simple, it only takes a few minutes, and it’s a great way to earn extra money and keep your website open.

PayPerPost is a website that is basically a meeting ground for advertisers to connect with bloggers and offer payments for blog posts. They pay very well and almost any blog is accepted as long as it meets their requirements. Not only is PayPerPost a great way for advertisers to drive traffic to their websites, but it’s a great place for bloggers to connect with these advertisers.

Even though I’m being paid by PayPerPost to write this particular post about their site and services, it’s not the reason I’m recommending it as such a great way to earn money online. I’ve made numerous connections through PayPerPost and learned a ton about successful blogging along with making some money that keeps this website free for everyone. With the advertiser’s offerings and a popular blog you could undoubtedly make a lot of money. There are bloggers on PayPerPost who have already made over $20,000!

If you would like to earn a significant amount of legitimate money online, blogging is a great way to get started! Once you get your blog going don’t forget to check out PayPerPost.

Paid to Surf… How You Actually Lose Money

It’s one of the fastest growing “get paid to” schemes out there. Getting paid to surf is a waste of time, energy, and money, not to mention it puts your computer at risk for viruses, spyware, and other malware.

There are some sites out there that will pay you to download a web bar, usually for Internet Explorer, and they will pay you based on either:

  1. The number of web pages you surf
  2. OR

  3. The amount of time you spend on the internet

The average payout is extremely low. For instance; a manual surfing program, which may not require you to download a surf bar, may pay you $0.30 per 1000 page views with a 20 second timer for each page… That’s 30 cents for 20,000 seconds, or 5.55 hours, of manual surfing. That’s about a nickel an hour. Definitely not worth it!

The automatic surfing programs aren’t much better. They usually, however not 100% of the time, require you to download a surf bar which tracks your internet usage and provides the surf function that you get paid for. The average pay out for such programs is $2.00 per month, with the requirement that you have your computer on automatic surf for about 20 hours per day. The electricity it requires to keep your computer running for 20 hours per day costs more than $2.00 per month. The average computer uses 65-250 watts, but for our example let’s consider you’re using a common computer like a Dell Dimension E510 which uses about 106 Watts. In the U.S. the average cost of electricity is 10.64 cents ($0.1064) per kilowatt-hour. Warning!… Here comes the math…

  1. 106 Watts/Hour x 20 Hours= 2,120 Watts per Day (of surfing)
  2. 2,120 Watts/1000= 2.12 kilowatt-hours
  3. 2.12 kilowatt-hours x 30 days (1 month)= 63.6 kilowatt-hours per month
  4. 63.6 kilowatt-hours x $0.1064= $6.77 per month!

It would cost you about $6.77 per month to keep your computer running so you can surf the web to make about $2.00 per month! You’d actually be losing about $4.77 per month!

The idea of paid to surf is attractive; you basically do nothing and you make a little money on autopilot. Unfortunately the money you make isn’t enough to cover your costs. Of course you could always sign up with many paid to surf companies and surf with all of them at the same time, but that would make your computer that many times more likely to get viruses and malware. My advice would be to stay away form these programs altogether unless you find one that pays a tremendous amount of money and you have virus software that can truly protect your computer.

As always, good luck with your online money making endeavors!

A Trustworthy Survey Site

It’s harder than ever to find survey sites that:

  1. Actually pay
  2. Actually give you surveys
  3. Pay you enough for taking the survey

When you finally come across a paid survey site that meets all three of the above criteria, you are in business!

OpinionSquare is a paid survey site that has been around forever… well, ok, since about the year 2000. It’s a site that pays out in prizes, but they have good prizes and they consistently pay. This paid survey website deals with many of the top Fortune 500 companies and therefore has one of the greatest rewards programs out there.

I would say that the only downside to OpinionSquare is that it requires you to be running windows in order to use their paid survey program. They require that you download a program in order to take surveys. They have a very strong and well managed privacy policy, so the worry isn’t about giving out your personal information, but rather that people who have computers running on Mac OSX or Linux can’t use OpinionSquare.

Besides the aforementioned issue of needing Windows to use OpinionSquare, it’s one of my Top 5 Favorites! They pay so well for completing surveys and when they say a survey will take 10 minutes it never takes more. So, if you’re looking for a reliable paid survey site, try out OpinionSquare and leave a comment about your experience with them!

Survey4Profit… Is it Good?

There are so many paid survey websites out there that it’s hard to choose the right ones. I recently came across a newer site called Survey4Profit. I decided to give it a try and see if it had anything new or different to offer.

Note: Here’s a link to the updated review Updated Survey4Profit Review

Right away I noticed the more modern design of the site. I quickly read through the privacy policy before I signed up. Upon signing up I went through a few “try these offers” pages, hitting “No Thanks” at the bottom of each one. I used to be wary of sites with such pages, however they exist truly for the purpose of providing the site with money to keep running at no cost to you. Some of the offers were actually useful.

I finally reached the confirmation page, at which point it suggested that I sign up with a few other survey sites. I was amazed at how many other survey sites they provide links to. It’s a great place for beginners to start; they supply you with a free database of paid surveys (just like Flurbl!). I found this to be very useful.

Soon after I checked my email and found a confirmation email along with an email explaining that, although the owners of Survey4Profit believe their site is the best, they couldn’t possibly offer all the paid surveys on the web. They provided links in the email to other well known paid survey sites along with a link to the paid survey site directory… all for free! I was truly impressed.

Within hours I received my first paid survey from Survey4Profit. It took about 5 minutes and I earned $5 for completing it! That translates to about $60 an hour… of course assuming that I get 12 surveys in one hour, which is impractical. Still, it’s easy money.

I can’t honestly judge Survey4Profit yet, only because it wouldn’t be fair to my readers since I’ve only been a member for one day. However, what I can say is that Survey4Profit is a great place for beginners to go to get a free list of paid survey sites and learn a little about taking online paid surveys. So far, it seems like a fair company who looks out for its members and truly wishes that they succeed in making money with paid surveys.

I will keep you all updated and I’ll be sure to write another post about Survey4Profit when I learn more about it!

Rebate Processing

It seems like one of the hottest new “get rich quick” schemes is rebate processing. I’ve seen ads claiming that you can make an average of $1,000 per week! Now that sounds good… a little too good. Unfortunately, as the story goes, if somethings sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This is certainly the case with online rebate processing.

What these websites don’t tend to tell you upfront is that you will be processing rebates from items that you yourself sell. For instance, the website will give you an item to promote; say it’s a $10 book on making money online. What you will do is promote it as a book worth $10, but if they buy it from you they will get a $5 rebate. That $5 rebate comes out of your pocket at first; but if they’re offering you $15 per rebate, then you still make $10. Of course, you will get this $10 later on.

So, let’s say you end up selling 10 of these $10 books. That’s $50 in rebate money that you had to send out. But the website promised you $15 per rebate processed, so you earn: (10 x $15) – $50(the amount in rebates you paid out yourself) = $100! That’s pretty good! But wait… too good to be true.

The website may state that advertising costs were $49 plus it cost them $29 to ship all the books, not to mention the $8 processing fee. Your $100 now turns into $14. Unfortunately the websites requires a minimum of $100 to cash out. Better luck next time.

Legitimate rebate processing jobs are very hard to come by online. If you do ever find one, expect to be making about $0.10 to $0.15 per rebate processed. Most of the programs you find online simply tell you how you can make money with such websites and give you a few links. These programs cost almost $50, sometimes more. Don’t ever pay for one of these programs!

Real rebate processing jobs are out there, and there is no special training needed. Usually a company offering rebates will hire someone to come into their office and pick up a stack of rebates. Then the person would go home and process them, earning about $0.15 per rebate. These people average about $500 to $1,000 per month, if even that much.

Be wary of those online programs that promise you will earn $1,000 per week. Just think, “if they promise you can make $1,000 per week, then why does everyone I know have a 9-5 job?” Be careful and good luck!