So you’re sick of paid surveys; what else is there to do? Paid surveys are pushed as the most profitable way to make money online, but are they? What about paid to click, paid to surf, and paid offers? You read about all those people making $1,000 to $10,000 a week solely from filling out surveys and getting referrals, is it true?

For the past 3 years I have been working my butt off online to try and make some money with paid surveys. What have I gotten out of it? Pretty much just a headache and a few hundred dollars. I’ve filled out surveys left and right and I still don’t make what some sites promise. I’m sure this has happened to some of you as well.

What’s the problem then? I’m working harder than ever filling out surveys and it’s just not possible to make $1000 in a week. The trick is to find survey sites that pay for referrals. For instance; pays the equivalent of $1.50 for each qualifying referral you send to them. You get them 10 referrals a week and that’s $15 a week. Say you do that for 10 sites offering a similar reward, then your effort turns into $150 per week.

The more sites you sign up with, the more opportunities you have to get referrals. Getting referrals is key to earning a substantial amount of money online. Even if you only get 5% of your referral’s earnings that would mean that for every $5 survey they take, you get a quarter. if you have 100 referrals averaging 2 $5 surveys a week per referral that’s $50 a week.

The top referrers have a little over 1,000 referrals; meaning they average around $500 to $1000 per week (between $26,000 and $52,000 per year). The only thing these people do is get referrals. I understand that it is easier said than done, however once they get referrals the money rolls in on auto pilot.

This is true for every type of online money making site. Whether it’s paid to click or paid offers, getting referrals is the way to earning big money. This isn’t to say that you should stop taking paid surveys and completing paid offers.

Imagine if all of your referrals simply stopped doing that and just aimed for getting referrals? You would earn no money. Taking just 2 $5 paid surveys a week lands you and extra $520 per year. Also, getting paid to click or read emails may only get you about $.25 a week for each site, but say you’re signed up at 10 sites; that’s an extra $130 per year.

Getting started with making money online is the hardest part. Once you get going you just have to sit back and check on things once in awhile.

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